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A Shirt Is A Shirt
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Sep 15, 2017

No matter you are of any size, the shirt is absolutely essential, with any color of the suit, can have an overwhelming victory, but also easy to give the viewer vigor, clean sense, but not too bleak no light, so, a few pieces of white shirt to buy is not guilty, especially men are particularly easy to sweat, Shirt the life of the shirt naturally accelerated, When the shirt a yellow, has been impotent save not back, even if the appearance of the slightest damage, please reluctantly, otherwise will only be trapped in their shabby, lame feet dilemma.

What details should be paid attention to when choosing a shirt

1. Simple style. The best style of the white shirt is the traditional shirt style, the standard is the length of the collar and the open angle are "gentle". Shirt If you pay attention to your own workplace image, it is best not to wear the left and right angles of the collar between 120 degrees to 180 degrees, it is said that this "French" collar is "not love Emika" the Duke of Windsor favorite. But it would completely spoil the simplicity of a shirt.

2. Select Pure white. A lot of shirts like to add a little extra on the shirt base, such as colored neckline, special color buttons and buttonholes. Shirt If you just want to highlight yourself without being taken by anything, these little designs can be exempted. You can wear gray or black if you don't want people to have the illusion of wearing a dress every day.

A shirt is a kind of shirt.

Shirt and shirt is not a meaning, people often say that the meaning of the shirt is usually matched with coats in the coat is commonly known as the Common people, shirts contain many kinds of clothing such as shirts, strictly speaking shirt is no other noun name.

The shirt (shirt) is worn between the inside and outside tops, also can be worn separately the coat.) China's Zhou Dynasty has a shirt, called the Chinese clothing, after the list. The Han Dynasty called the Closet . The name of the shirt in Song Dynasty. It is now called a Chinese shirt. 16th century BC, the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt has a shirt, is no collar, sleeve waist clothing. The 14th century Norman shirt was worn with collar and sleeve head. 16th century Europe prevailed in the collar and chest embroidered shirt, Shirt or in the neckline, cuffs, chest decorative lace. At the end of 18th century, the British wore hard turtleneck shirts. Victorian era, the high collar shirt was eliminated, forming a modern lapel Western-style shirt. The 1840s, Western-style shirts imported into China. The first many shirts for men, the 1950s gradually adopted by women, has become one of the common clothing.

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