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Baseball Cap And Hip-hop Hat Difference
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2016

In daily life, baseball caps are more common and more popular than hip-hop hats. But the hat is always a variety of styles, MM should be good at picking their own hat, take the baseball cap and hip-hop hat, to understand their difference in order to better choose Oh.

First, the shapes are different.

Baseball cap hat is a certain arc, wide brim, long, sun shade effect; hip-hop hat is generally flat canopies, narrow brim.

Secondly, the style is different.

Baseball cap pattern less, the design is very simple and neat, it is in everyone's mind is a fixed classic models; and hip-hop hat is more street style, gives a sense of cool.

Again, the occasion is different.

Baseball cap is more suitable for sports occasions, if you want to swing on the pitch, or in the outfield to baseball, a certain baseball cap is definitely a very small eye-catching; if it is wandering the streets, or jumping hip-hop, wearing a certain hip hop to succeed Loading force oh.

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