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Baseball Cap Combines The Unique Street Text
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Jul 21, 2017

Baseball cap has always been a handsome feeling, as long as the simple casual wear, coupled with a stylish baseball cap, people immediately look full of vitality. When the baseball cap, but also to focus on the brand, because the brand baseball cap in quality, workmanship have some protection. Every time you buy a baseball cap, will you choose a branded baseball cap?

As the baseball cap of the popular, many well-known clothing manufacturers are also competing to join the tide industry in the tide, the following we take a look at the baseball cap detailed classification and purchase.

 Baseball cap brand detailed classification and purchase

1, MLB (USA)

This brand belongs to the United States is a long history of the streets of fashion clothing brand. Its design combines the unique street culture, hip-hop elements and the current trend, Baseball Caps for the global baseball cap manufacturers to provide an example, was competing to imitate and competition.

2, pink (korea)

 Korean pop culture to a certain extent, Baseball Caps the world has no small impact, South Korea through the stars and variety show cultural output. Pink baseball hat to break the past baseball cap tough temperament, formed its own sweet and lovely style, so by a big fan of fanatical chase.

3, hotwind (China)

Hotwind has absorbed the development trend of foreign brands, but also the formation of clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes and hats, such as a whole chain of coordinated development. One of the baseball cap is also very independent of the characteristics and personality, both on foreign brands have tribute and learn from China's own characteristics and advantages.

How to match the baseball cap

Countless MM will ask myself before going out this question: what is good for this dress? Slowly spread to the accessories: the shoes take what clothes, pants take what package, how to take this hat? Thus, Baseball Caps with the revolution began. One day, we bought a baseball cap, we also began to ask ourselves, how the baseball cap with ... ... as the universe most likely with a hat, Mom net minutes to count hundreds of species ... ...

1, baseball cap + white T + black pleated skirt

Do you think this is finished, of course, more than so simple, Baseball Caps it is best to wear a pair of knee socks (black and white any pick), thick students angry blowing. This dress is not too passers-by, it will not be too boring. The focus is very Japanese ah! Both the baseball cap to play its youthful atmosphere, and knee socks to do cover, play tender and age, not to mention you did not learn Oh

2, baseball cap + short jacket vest + high waist shorts

This is the vitality of the goddess of the law. Short jacket with high waist pants, is a typical "show figure" to wear the law, the thin legs out of the thin legs out. High waist pants is a long leg of the artifact, coupled with a short jacket, one second change one meter eight long legs. Plus a simple baseball cap, that is, the United States and the sun da da girl!

 3, baseball cap + trendy creative T + black small skirt

If the retro glasses and red lips better. Cool baseball hat with black leather skirt, street fashion sense was significant. At this time can wear a metal necklace or exaggerated creative ring, Baseball Caps then you are the street queen. In short, with a baseball cap do not be afraid, feeling right you go!

Baseball cap how to buy

Before buying a baseball cap, you should silently recall your own clothes in your mind to see if you can match. (If you are looking for a set of clothes specifically to buy a baseball cap to ride, when I did not say anything.) Baseball cap as a practical combination with the perfect combination of hat, Baseball Caps should let it play the role of maximization.

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