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Baseball Cap To Create A Playful Girl Feeling
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: May 31, 2017

The origin of the baseball cap is more British and American, but the famous baseball cap brand originated in the United States. In the United States there is a very famous baseball league - the US Major League Baseball, referred to as MLB. I believe we in some of the domestic imitation of the hat will see the MLB words baseball hat

In the annual Major League Baseball League, there are some manufacturers are producing a considerable baseball hat

Baseball is developed with baseball, baseball is a ball to play as the main feature, collective, highly resistant ball games. It is carried out in the international wide, Baseball Caps more influential, known as "the combination of competition and wisdom." In the United States, Japan is particularly popular, known as the "national ball". Because of the great influence of baseball, the baseball cap also flourished with the development of baseball. Baseball Caps According to the US experts over the years, the baseball movement originated from British cricket (Cricket also known as round ball Rounder). In 1839, the American Doubleday organized the first game that was very similar to that of modern baseball. In the game the players are just beginning to cover the sun with a hat, because of its particularity so the hat is relatively long to block the sun's exposure to the eye in order to get better results, this is the earliest baseball cap.

Wearing a baseball cap and wearing clothes, as far as possible to avoid weaknesses, even if they are satisfied with the wear, but also make people look elegant. Hat form and color must be and clothes, scarves, gloves and shoes and other supporting. Wearing glasses of the ladies, do not wear a hat above the complex floral, hat should not cover the forehead, hat to be higher, Baseball Caps so that you can show your elegant style and elegant temperament. Men's hat size that number is the number of centimeters around the head, so the purchase is very convenient. But taking into account some of the hat after washing to shrink, so the purchase should be slightly larger. General adult men's hat number is 55-56, child hat is 50-55, baby hat is 42-46.

Baseball cap as the most fashionable accessories, Baseball Caps is definitely a decent dress artifact! Or will only use the baseball cap to cover ugly? It really wasted the hat of the ICON ultra-high value. Summer with a hot sun came together to report a baseball cap not only let you beautiful upgrade, but also for you to block the most severe UV, sun whitening from the early summer!

Baseball cap + elix witty short hair

Just cut short hair will not care how to do? Just a baseball cap is enough! Will be short hair to the ear, do not forget to sort out the exposed hair, into the air to create a sense of playful girl.

Whether it is clothing or the value of the value has been quickly opened in the state, short baseball cap shape handsome little sexy, hair tail slightly Alice, fluffy full of points!

Simple and clean white baseball cap, it seems the whole person cute cute, full of girls!

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