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Baseball Cap With The Skills
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

Baseball cap as a popular baseball cap in the world, in the world has a very deep mass base. Whether GG or MM, almost everyone has a baseball cap of their own.

As such a common and ordinary baseball cap, how to wear out our own personality style it This is a technical activity.

Countless MM will ask myself before going out this question: what is good for this dress? Slowly spread to the accessories: the shoes take what clothes, Baseball Caps pants take what package, how to take this baseball cap? Thus, with the revolution began. One day, we bought a baseball cap, we also began to ask ourselves, how this baseball with ... ... as the universe is most easy with a baseball cap

1, baseball cap + white T + black pleated skirt

Do you think this is finished, of course, more than so simple, it is best to wear a pair of knee socks (black and white any pick), thick students angry blowing. This dress is not too passers-by, Baseball Caps it will not be too boring. The focus is very Japanese ah! Both the baseball cap to play its youthful atmosphere, and knee socks to do cover, play tender and age, not to mention you did not learn Oh

2, baseball cap + short jacket vest + high waist shorts

This is the vitality of the goddess of the law. Short jacket with high waist pants, is a typical "show figure" to wear the law, the thin legs out of the thin legs out. Baseball Caps High waist pants is a long leg of the artifact, coupled with a short jacket, one second change one meter eight long legs. Plus a simple baseball cap, that is, the United States and the sun da da girl!

3, baseball cap + trendy creative T + black small skirt

If the retro glasses and red lips better. Cool baseball hat with black leather skirt, street fashion sense was significant. At this time can wear a metal necklace or exaggerated creative ring, Baseball Caps then you are the street queen. In short, with a baseball cap do not be afraid, feeling right you go!

Baseball cap how to buy

Before buying a baseball cap, you should silently recall your own clothes in your mind to see if you can match. (If you are looking for a set of clothes specifically to buy a baseball cap to ride, then when I did not say anything.) Baseball cap as a practical combination of decorative baseball cap, Baseball Caps should let it play the role of maximization.

1, combined with their own body selection

Petite MM in the selection of baseball cap when you have to pay attention, do not pick the big hat to cover the whole head, Baseball Caps this will make you look like only dwarf version of the bulk doll. Choose a small eaves, hat body cap caps will be appropriate to elongate the body, people look higher than the actual Oh.

2, combined with their own style selection

Although to encourage everyone to develop in all directions, widely dabbled, but in many cases, your style is stable. If you are a small fresh, do not pick big rivets and holes in the cool baseball cap, hold live also wasted money. If you are a sporty beauty, you must have a sports baseball cap on the track.

3, combined with their own face selection

Square face: MM in this type of face when the baseball cap must be careful not to pick lines and shape too sharp, because it will make your face look more square. Round face: round face MM can pick the hat body cap, Baseball Caps a little later wear a little, so that the whole face looks more three-dimensional.

How to clean the baseball cap

For all shaped baseball caps, cleaning is careful and careful. Because a little careless, on the deformation, aliasing, fade. Baseball cap is basically ruined.

So on the baseball cap cleaning, we need to clear the steps:

Step one: take the amount of warm water, less than 40 degrees, Baseball Caps the baseball cap into the water. (Cleaning the premise is to ensure that the baseball cap material can be clean into the water)

Step two: put in a mild laundry detergent soak for 20 minutes.

Step three: with a soft brush gently clean the baseball hat dirty part of the way must be light.

Step four: change the water, the baseball cap on the bubble clean, do not hand twist.

Step five: with a towel to baseball cap excess moisture sucked, the baseball cap placed in a place, to ensure that can not be contaminated and stampede.

Step 6: Dry the baseball cap with a hair dryer or wait for a natural air.

Note: natural air dry easy to baseball cap and then contaminated, it is recommended to use a hair dryer to dry, into the cabinet.

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