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Baseball Caps And Hairstyles
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Sep 15, 2017

In summer, it's time to have a hat for yourself or your little lovers. But hat style and brand so much, how to choose? If you are still in school, if you are not going to school, but still want to youth vitality, then the most worthy of you to start is a baseball cap.

In so many hats, only baseball caps are "omnipotent":

1, baseball caps are almost suitable for any shape, whether you are round face, Baseball Caps wide face or sharp face. Baseball caps can play a good role in grooming.

2, baseball caps to carry convenient, but also front and rear side, Baseball Caps such as multiple angles to wear, and then with different hairstyles, can show different posture.

3, baseball cap Leisure casual, and hundred. Paired with jeans, T-shirts, shorts, half skirts, shirts, sweaters, casual shoes, sneakers ... is an excellent choice.

In recent years, with the popularity of the baseball caps, people have become more and more popular with the variety show runners. It has a variety of styles, such as the printing of colored flowers, written in English letters, etc., not only can create a good visual effect, Baseball Caps but also can play a role in modifying the face. So how does a baseball cap look better? Come and talk to you today.

1 face

In recent years, face seems to have become one of the standards of testing beauty, not only looks very small and small, but also can play a certain role in reducing the age of vision. But in some cases, wearing a baseball cap is easy to produce a long face effect, Baseball Caps so it is recommended that you wear a baseball cap should pay attention to the brim not too high, keep on both sides of the temple can be.

2 round Face

In many cases, although the round face makes the whole person appear to be full of state, but also make the face look bigger. If you wear a baseball cap right now, it is easy to create a "face greater than a hat" visual effect. It is recommended that you keep your hair in your ear when wearing a baseball cap to cover your cheeks and lengthen your face.

Square face

In a straightforward sense, a square face is not suitable for a baseball cap because it makes the face look more square. But if you particularly want to catch up with the tide, Baseball Caps we suggest that we should try to choose the pattern letter, such as the more exaggerated style, such as similar to running men in the Chenhe shape, Baseball Caps unique text can be very good people's eyes on the hat, and then will not be too concerned about your cheeks.

Baseball Caps and hairstyles

Long hair with shawl

Compared to other shapes, casual long hair can not only give a goddess fan, but also very good to enhance the temperament of individuals. If you put on a baseball cap, it is the icing on the cake, but pay attention to wear when appropriate to the brim, you can make the whole person lively and lovely, Baseball Caps the whole body exudes the breath of youth.

High Ponytail

The long hair with a rubber band firmly fixed, and then the baseball cap oblique tilted on the head, one can avoid the loose hair to bring hot feeling, and secondly can make the whole person become mentally full, appear particularly energetic. But pay attention to the head of the hat should not be too tight, so as to avoid damage to the hair, Baseball Caps so that the situation of hair loss hair, affect the overall image.

Low Ponytail

Compared to the high ponytail of the able, low ponytail is more natural and with the nature of some, if like concise wind words, the baseball cap normal wear, and then put on a pair of sunglasses can; Baseball Caps If you like the playful wind, you can put the baseball hat brim back on, it will look very lively.

Twist Braid

Weave the hair up, then tilt the baseball cap over your head, not only can avoid the situation of the loose, but also can make the whole person look very lovely and fresh, in addition, Baseball Caps also can wear a pair of relatively exaggerated sunglasses, which can play a very good sunscreen effect, and second can be perfect to create a little magic female sight sense.

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