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Baseball Caps Make The Whole Face Look More Solid
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Aug 02, 2017

The baseball cap is divided into two kinds, one is the leisure hat or the hip-style hat, the shop has the sale, compared with the individuality, the characteristic also is more prominent.

Baseball cap fabric has elastic cotton, cotton is because cotton is more comfortable and affinity skin, hygroscopicity.

Sweat belt is elastic band, Baseball Caps elastic can adapt to more people's head type.

Front-page interlining used mostly is not deformed oxford cloth, Baseball Caps embroidery is also very exquisite.

Over the years, baseball caps have swept the world's fashion circle, with their lightweight and practical features in fashion, and have not fallen out of favour.

In fact, baseball caps have always been one of the indispensable accessories for men, Baseball Caps not only can wear a different texture, sometimes can also skip the time of finishing hair, quickly go out.

When it comes to sources, baseball caps are mostly from American baseball games, and most of the players in the defensive team are wearing baseball caps, so many fans will wear their favorite hats. Later, Baseball Caps in the Korean entertainment circle prevailed, and gradually in the mainland also popular.

Today, the baseball cap is not a male patent long ago, many female stars also a tacit understanding of the baseball cap, told the world, their handsome with the sexual side.

Because the baseball cap is too old, the airport street shoot, photo shooting, is one of the star travel highlights ~ ~ For most of the boys have bangs, in front of the bangs in a direction to the side of the dial, and then gently put on the baseball cap. Baseball Caps You can also tilt the baseball cap slightly.

Baseball caps are probably the most common way to wear them. Both men and women can be well steered! And when the hair is messy and have to go out, baseball caps can help you!

Before you buy a baseball cap, you should think about your clothes in your head and see if you can match them. (If you're going to buy a baseball cap for a suit of clothes, I'll say nothing.) The baseball cap, Baseball Caps as a A-style hat with a perfect combination of decoration, should allow it to maximize its role.

1, the combination of their own body selection

Petite mm in the selection of the hat to pay attention to, do not pick the brim big cover the whole head, this will make you look like a gnome version of the head doll. Baseball Caps A hat with a small brim and a higher cap will lengthen the body properly, making the person look taller than the actual.

2, the combination of their own style selection

While encouraging all-round development, extensive dabbling, but in many cases, your style is stable. If you are small and clean, don't pick the big rivets and the cool baseball caps, and the hold can't afford to waste money. If you're a sports girl, you'll need a sports baseball cap on the runway.

3, the combination of their own face selection

Square face: This kind of shape of MM in the baseball cap when you must be careful not to pick lines and shapes too sharp, because it will make your face look more square. Round face: mm can choose a hat with a higher cap, a little later, so that the whole face looks more stereo.

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