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Basic Knowledge Of Men's Shirts
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Oct 23, 2017

A wide variety of men's shirts, whether it is the formal occasion of the suit or holiday casual wear collocation, everywhere inseparable from the shirt. What kind of shirts to wear, how to wear the law, the impression is completely different. Understanding the texture of the shirt, the selection method, Shirts For Men the dress method and the matching method with the tie are the basic common knowledge that modern men must know.

1. Senior Men's Shirts

Occasions: important social activities such as banquets, parties, celebrations, etc.

Quality: fine texture, artistic sense, black or white best.

Details: Do not buy pure silk cotton hemp Wool, these fabrics are easily deformed, yellow, pleated, and price more expensive, buy craft good, texture good knitting, hemp, Shirts For Men yarn and synthetic fabric can.

2. Professional casual men's shirts

Occasions: work, daily activities.

Quality: Material selection, selection trend of comfort, professional wear leisure.

Detail tip: This kind of shirt should be slightly formal, exquisite, monochrome or stripes, Shirts For Men can be a solemn and clear image.

3. Casual Home Men's shirts

Occasions: Home, walk, play.

Quality: Comfortable cotton fabric, personalized color pattern.

Details: Selection must be loose, Shirts For Men at the same time good quality, because leisure is not equal to casually.

4. Professional standard collar men's shirts

Both the length and the open angle of the "gentle" collar are called the standard collar. This kind of shirt is common in business activity, color is monochrome and white mainly, is the most common, Shirts For Men the most common style, it is not affected by age factor and suitable for any face shape.

5, Grade different color collar shirt

Plain or striped shirts with white collars and white cuffs. Collar type many for the standard collar or open angle collar, and paisley vortex pattern incomparable match, not easy to wear out taste, cautious choice.

6, the traditional dark buckle collar men's shirts

The left and right collar sew on the New York, tie from the New York, the collar buckle tight shirt collar stressed rigorous, emphasizing the three-dimensional image of the tie structure, wearing this collar type of shirt must tie, usually close to the knot, the collar only appear proper. The traditional conservative, Shirts For Men fine warm stripe or English stripe fabric is the best partner for this shirt.

7, romantic "Windsor" collar men's Shirts

The angle of the left and right collar is between 120 degrees ~180 degrees. This collar is also called the open angle collar. It is said that the Duke of Windsor, who did not love Emika, liked the collar the most, and the tie tie, which matched it, was called "Windsor tie", Shirts For Men and the cravat was broad and very personal, suitable for round face and square face.

8, Button collar men's shirts

Sports collar tip to the body of the button, the original is a sports shirt, the typical American style, casual nature, comfortable and convenient. This collar is used for casual-style shirts, Shirts For Men such as denim shirts. Some business shirts are made of button collars, with the aim of fixing ties for young people.

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