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Hip-Hop Caps Make You Attractive
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Sep 26, 2017

How to wear a hip-hop hat

1, wear a hip-hop hat do not ignore an important principle, this is the hip-hop hat must be in harmony with the overall clothing. Therefore, try to wear a hat to stand in front of the mirror to consider whether and the clothes match.

2, wearing a hip-hop hat can not ignore the rules of dress. That is: Petite girl deputies brimmed side big eaves hat, but brim should not exceed shoulder width. If a woman with a small body is to wear a cap, she wears a hat with a certain angle of brim, which makes you look heavy and light.

3, wear a shoulder pad of clothing, should wear a hat with a certain angle, Hiphop Caps which will make you appear chic, elegant, distinguished. However, flat-topped eaves can also be selected.

4, a girl with a "fringe" on her forehead can wear her hat back, which is worn on the back of her head, and a Daiping without a canopy.

5, when wearing a printing garment, it is best to wear a darker hip-hop hat. Do not wear a white cap while wearing a red or blue dress, and a blue or red hat can make you stand out.

6, it is wrong to wear the same color hip-hop hat as the whole outfit. Either the shoe is proportional to the nomination and contrasted with the hat, or shoes, bags, hats, and clothes.

7, the longer you wear the hip-hop hat, the more you should not be too lenient and bloated.

8, the value of hip-hop hat and dress value to match. Clothing is high-grade, Hiphop Caps hats can not be sloppy engaged. It is important to note that the hip-hop hat, which is equivalent to the material texture, will give a deep impression, and vice versa.

Learn the right hip-hop hat maintenance method, at the critical moment to wear the hat out to "have a style." MM are sure not to wear a hip-hop hat every day, so your hip-hop hat spends most of its time in "being maintained". What details should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of hip-hop hat? Hurry and look.

1, take off the hip-hop hat not to put, also do not hang on the hook or use clothing to squeeze the hat, lest distortion.

2, dust dirt timely removal, with soft brush gently brush the surface of the hip-hop hat, the effect will be much better.

3, in the collection of hip-hop hat, Hiphop Caps put the desiccant next to prevent the tide.

4, the best maintenance method is, put your hip-hop hat in the size of the box, the inside of a soft paper group or cloth, so that the hip-hop hat at all times to maintain "true colors" Oh.

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