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Hip-Hop Hat And Dress Collocation Method
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

Wear a hip-hop hat don't overlook an important principle, which is that hip-hop hats must be in harmony with the overall dress. Therefore, try to wear a hat to stand in front of the mirror to consider whether and the clothes match. So pay attention to

1, wear a hip-hop hat do not ignore an important principle, this is the hip-hop hat must be in harmony with the overall clothing. Therefore, try to wear a hat to stand in front of the mirror to consider whether and the clothes match.

2, wearing a hip-hop hat can not be ignored dress law. Hiphop Caps That is: Petite girl deputies brimmed side big eaves hat, but brim should not exceed shoulder width. If a woman with a small body is to wear a cap, she wears a hat with a certain angle of brim, which makes you look heavy and have a lighter foot.

3, wear a shoulder pad of clothing, Hiphop Caps should wear a hat with a certain angle, which will make you appear chic, elegant, distinguished. However, flat-topped eaves can also be used.

4, a girl with a "fringe" on her forehead can wear her hat back, which is worn on the back of her head, and a Daiping without a canopy.

5, the best choice is wearing a darker hip-hop hat when wearing a printed garment. Do not wear a white cap while wearing a red or blue dress, Hiphop Caps and a blue or red hat can make you stand out.

In this era of pursuit of individuality, many men like to follow the sex free and easy hip-hop style, so the hip-hop hat is their standard, but how to wear a hip-hop hat can appear to their freedom with sex? Let's take a look at the hip-hop hat pairing you brought in.

Europe and the United States hip-hop style is mostly exaggerated, today selected a more casual tide to share to everyone, fashion fashion T-shirt front and back are printed on the cool English alphabet, broken hole jeans casual, the most unavoidable nature is which hip-hop hat, Hiphop Caps if you want to more pure some shoes can be replaced with a little tide of style.

Tide Brand Miracle Kill tide money Mission in the Dark series spring shirt, the middle of the shirt-like graffiti pattern is very fashionable, the chest is the classic miracle kill double Knife logo, fashion style shirt under the outfit with an easy to do the old jeans, Hiphop Caps and then with Camel's suede shoes, as well as a double knife logo hat, fashion and wild mix the collision looks very good.

Domestic Chao Pai dog Bronson casual style fashion men's spring shirt, simple design is the most suitable for casual style, white playing bottom shirt, with loose corduroy casual matching to be a new front, hats and single shoulder bags are stripes, a good mix of style, and then with a of casual shoes also good oh, if the pants into a self-cultivation type shoes into a casual shoes will be more trendy some.

Trendy baseball shirt Spring jacket, Hiphop Caps the arm white spelling looks very good, the overall collocation of leisure routes, white shirt with the overall black color contrast between the classic, and then with a tide cap youthful breath full.

Trendy Japanese boys spring-style hip-hop long-sleeved shirt, the next outfit but the more hard to match, loose-style army green casual trousers and the atmosphere of the high tide boots, Chao men and macho combination, it does not seem to be incompatible, if the boots into casual styles of shoes words will be more fashionable and casual, hat part and shirt combination is also very good.

The above is a small weave to you like hip-hop style of men to bring the hip-hop hat collocation method, I hope everyone can enjoy.

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