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Hip-hop Hats Are Common Items Of Clothing
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Aug 14, 2017

Hip-Hop hat is a hot fashion in recent years, a little fashion pursuit of mm must not be missed oh. Baseball caps give people a nice, neat feeling, while hip-hop hats look fashionable. Although the two kinds of hip-hop hats look like, wearing the same method, but talk mm still will find that there is a difference oh.

How to clean a hip-hop hat

Hip-Hop hat is a common product with clothing, if dirty, but also learn the right way to clean, so as not to reduce the life of the hip-hop hat Oh. So how do the hip-hop hats be cleaned? Learn.

STEP1: Take a moderate amount of warm water, add neutral detergent, Hiphop Caps put the hip-hop hat in, soak for about 10 minutes.

STEP2: Gently brush the outside and inside of the hip-hop hat with a soft brush, especially where there are stains.

STEP3: Fold the hip-hop hat into four lobes (note that hard hip-hop caps cannot be folded) and gently shake off moisture.

STEP4: Put the hip-hop hat out, stuffed with old towels (other soft fillings are OK), Hiphop Caps and place it in a ventilated place to dry.

Here to remind you mm, hip-hop hat can not afford too strong external force, clean the hip-hop hat do not use the washing machine dehydration Oh, in addition, strong sun light easy to let hip-hop hat fade, should avoid strong light straight sun.

How to maintain the hip-hop hat

Learn the right hip-hop hat maintenance method, in the critical moment to wear a hip-hop hat to "have a style." MM are sure not to wear baseball caps or hip-hop caps every day, Hiphop Caps so your hip-hop hat spends most of its time in "being maintained". What details should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of hip-hop hat? Hurry and look.

1, take off the hip-hop hat not to put, also do not hang on the hook or use clothing squeeze hip-hop hat, lest distortion deformation.

2, dust dirt timely removal, with soft brush gently brush the surface of the hip-hop hat, the effect will be much better.

3, in the collection of hip-hop hat, Hiphop Caps put the desiccant next to prevent the tide.

4, the best maintenance method is, put your hip-hop hat in the size of the box, the inside of a soft paper group or cloth, so that the hip-hop hat at all times to maintain "true colors" Oh.

How to wear a hip-hop hat

Different styles, styles of hip-hop hat, the wearing of the law is also different. To become a cap-and-go man, there are few skills to make a hat. How can you wear a hip-hop hat in a friend's lap? Come and see.

MM before the purchase of baseball caps, first to observe their face, baseball caps are generally more suitable for square face, round face, sharp face mm wear oh. In addition, if you are relatively high, Hiphop Caps baseball caps should not be small, otherwise there will be a top-heaviness feeling. Short mm also remember, wearing a hip-hop hat should avoid weaknesses, flat-topped wide-brimmed baseball caps are not suitable for you to wear oh.

The hip-hop hat needs to have the hold to be able to live, the average person still had better choose this kind of hip-hop hat less. Of course, if you really like this kind of hip-hop hat, it's advisable to head the brim toward the rear, or to wear the brim slightly, looking more stylish feel.

How does a hip-hop hat match clothes?

With the hip-hop hat with clothes very good oh, MM should try. Especially in the suitable outfit forced spring summer, using a hip-hop hat for their overall modeling bonus points, Hiphop Caps heart water your male God will also "peach blossom"! MM, Attention,

Hip-Hop hat collocation: recommended mm Choose fashion clothes, Newther, Hiphop Caps motorcycle jackets, and so on, they compare with hip-hop hat contrast; trousers, the choice of vintage horn pants, jeans, pencil pants is OK, so the overall style slightly bit wild feel, the legendary "Gossip girlfriend" is you.

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