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How To Maintain The Hip-hop Hat
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Aug 02, 2017

Hip-hop caps are hot fashion in recent years, a little fashion pursuit of mm must not miss Oh. Baseball caps give people a nice, neat feeling, while hip-hop hats look fashionable.

How to clean a hip-hop hat

Hip-Hop hat is a common product with clothing, if dirty, but also learn the right way to clean, so as not to reduce the longevity of hip-hop hat. So how do the hip-hop hats be cleaned? Learn.

STEP1: Take a moderate amount of warm water, add neutral detergent, Hiphop Caps put the hip-hop hat in, soak for about 10 minutes.

STEP2: Gently brush the outside and inside of the hip-hop hat with a soft brush, especially where there are stains.

STEP3: Fold the hip-hop hat into four lobes (note that hard hip-hop caps cannot be folded) and gently shake off moisture.

STEP4: Put the hip-hop hat out, stuffed with old towels (other soft fillings are OK), Hiphop Caps and place it in a ventilated place to dry.

Here to remind you mm, hip-hop hat can not afford too strong external force, clean the hip-hop hat do not use the washing machine dehydration Oh, in addition, Hiphop Caps strong sun light easy to let hip-hop hat fade, should avoid strong light straight.

How to maintain the hip-hop hat

Learn the right hip-hop hat maintenance method, in the critical moment to wear a hip-hop hat to "have a style." MM must not be a daily hip-hop hat, so your hip-hop hat spends most of its time in "being maintained". Hiphop Caps What details should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of hip-hop hat? Hurry and look.

1, take off the hip-hop hat not to put, also do not hang on the hook or use clothing squeeze hip-hop hat, lest distortion deformation.

2, dust dirt timely removal, with soft brush gently brush the surface of the hip-hop hat, the effect will be much better.

3, in the collection of hip-hop hat, Hiphop Caps put the desiccant next to prevent the tide.

4, the best maintenance method is, put your hip-hop hat in the size of the box, Hiphop Caps the inside of a soft paper group or cloth, so that the hip-hop hat at all times to maintain "true colors" Oh.

The hip-hop hat needs to have the hold to be able to live, the average person still had better choose this kind of hip-hop cap. Of course, if you really like this kind of hip-hop hat, Hiphop Caps it's advisable to head the brim toward the rear, or to wear the brim slightly, looking more stylish feel.

Hip-hop hats are relatively awkward to match, because clothes and trousers are more abrupt with a hip-hop hat if they are not good. Clothes, recommended mm choose fashion clothes, Newther, motorcycle jackets, and so on, they compare with hip-hop hat contrast; trousers, the choice of vintage horn pants, jeans, pencil pants is OK, so the overall style slightly bit wild feel, the legendary "Gossip girlfriend" is you.

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