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Men's Shirt Reflects The Male Passionate Side
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Nov 02, 2017

How many people have some uniform complex, men's shirts, the kind of tall lines and professionalism to bring the naked sexy is not the same style. Today's men's shirt shirt is widely used in a very classic, a variety of fashion elements to break the dull atmosphere, reflecting the male passionate side. Now for you to solve the charm of men behind the shirt charm.

Men's shirts a wide range, whether it is formal occasions, Shirts For Men suits or casual wear casual clothes, everywhere can not be separated from men's shirts. What kind of wear what kind of men's shirt, how to wear, give the impression is completely different. Understand the texture of men's shirts, picking the law, wearing a law and tie with the law, it is the basic knowledge of modern men must know.

Men's shirts are often the main single product in autumn, both the grid and show the body, wearing a unique personality of the men's shirt more let you become a hurry to run the crowd in a major bright spot. Metersbonwe followed by a new footstep in the fall, launched a series of men's men's men's shirt, let you walk through the city various occasions.

Men do not handsome is not so important, if even wear is not handsome, Shirts For Men that is really not handsome! Know how to match the men will make people feel that there are attractive taste, do not go all day unkempt dirty sloppy!

Style men how can the lack of a few pieces of simple but handsome men shirt? Whether it is a single wear or used to match, men's shirts are one of the classic single clothing.

Men's shirts, whether it is simple atmosphere or fashion prints can easily control

Taking into account the gentry should have a calm temperament, men's shirts not only elaborate casual men's shirts, but also to create a variety of formal business men's shirts, Shirts For Men all-round embodies the high quality and fashion style of integration.

1, senior men's shirt

Occasions: important social events such as banquets, parties, celebrations and so on.

Quality: fine texture, artistic sense, black or white best.

Details of the tips: do not have to buy pure silk cotton wool, these fabrics are easily deformed, yellow, from the fold, and the price is more expensive, buy a good technology, good texture knitted, hemp, Shirts For Men yarn and synthetic fabrics can be.

2, professional casual men shirt

Occasion: work, daily activities.

Quality: choice of materials, selection tend to be comfortable, casual wear.

Details Tip: This type of men's shirt to a little formal, exquisite little, Shirts For Men monochrome or stripes, you can match the image of solemn and clear.

3, casual home men shirt

Occasion: home, walk, play.

Quality: comfortable cotton fabric, color pattern personalized.

Details tips: selection must be loose, while the good quality, because leisure is not equal to casually.

4, the professional standard collar men shirt

Length and open angle are trend "gentle" collar known as the standard collar. This men's shirt is common in business activities, the color to monochrome and white-based, is the most common, the most common style, it is not affected by age factors and suitable for any face.

5, taste different color collar men shirt

Plain or striped men's shirt, collar for the white, and some cuffs are made of white. Collar type for the standard collar or open angle collar, and Paisley eddy pattern very fit, Shirts For Men not easy to wear quality, careful choice.

6, the traditional black collar collar men shirt

Left and right collar on the seam with a button, the tie from the mention on the collar, collar collar tighten the men's shirt collar collar rigorous, stressed the tie structure of the three-dimensional image, wearing this collar type of men's shirt must tie, Summary, collar was only appropriateness. Shirts For Men Collage with the black collar collar style traditional conservative, fine warm stripes or British striped fabric is the best partner of this men's shirt.

7, romantic "Windsor" collar men shirt

The angle of the collar is between 120 degrees and 180 degrees. This collar is also known as open angle collar. It is said that the year "do not love the country beauty" Duke of Windsor favorite collar, Shirts For Men with the tie collar tie "Windsor tie", bow tie wide, very personality, apply to round face and square face.

8, button collar men shirt

Sports collar to button fixed in the body, was originally a sports men's shirt, the typical American style, free and natural, comfortable and convenient. This collar is mostly used for casual style men's shirts, such as cowboy men's shirts. Part of the business men's shirt with a button collar, Shirts For Men the purpose is to secure the tie, suitable for young people.

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