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Men's Shirts Have Many Advantages
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Jul 21, 2017

How many people have some uniform complex, men shirt, the kind of tall lines and professionalism to bring the naked sexy is not the same style. Today's men's shirt shirt is widely used in a very classic, a variety of fashion elements to break the dull atmosphere, reflecting the male passionate side. Now for you to solve the charm of men behind the shirt charm.

Men's shirts are often the main product of the fall, both the grid and show the body, wearing a unique personality of the men's shirt more let you become a hurry to run the crowd in a major bright spot.

Men's shirt with: three occasions men's men shirt with special Raiders

Very happy and we can introduce the knowledge of men's shirts, do a fashion man, Shirts For Men do not ignore the role of men's shirts, seemingly insignificant, but in silence revealed your life taste. If you do not know how to choose a men's shirt, how to match the men's shirt, the following three most typical scenes of clothing guidance, maybe at a critical moment to help you!

Working days accounted for our most time, therefore, wear on the proposal to a simple style and comfortable fabric as the most important, because the boss want to see you, Shirts For Men is a refreshing and wise wise, rather than gorgeous fancy models.

Color: choose a white men's shirt, give the impression of doing things steady, not seeking a breakthrough, but for smooth; and blue is a quiet, stable color, a symbol of far-reaching, stable; in order to be more suitable for Asians skin color, Wisdom of the dark blue will be on the choice; Secondly, Shirts For Men gray or silver gray can reflect the neat, soft, elegant, they can produce approachable, elegant effect.

Fabric: Casual wear is mainly reflected in the choice of fabric, high-quality cotton fabric can keep you all day comfortable. Especially in the early spring season, Shirts For Men it not only protects the sensitive skin, but also has a soft touch, absorbent breathable, no static electricity, no fluff and many other advantages.

Pattern: from the women's pencil skirt and pencil pants get inspired, pencil fringes become the focus of this year's popular. As the name implies, the pencil stripes are finer and more straight, as if they were usually drawn with a pencil. Choose such a striped pattern, in addition to be able to modify the body, Shirts For Men but also gives a dry, logical sense of clarity.

With: wearing a game with a good, skilled in this way people can change a variety of tricks. The same color and the relative color is complementary to the two rules. But if you do not play, do not play, we teach you a time-tested the most simple and most safe way - with a light-colored men's shirt with a dark suit to ensure that the tie can find the same color with the jacket, OK.

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