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New York Hat To Play Big Big Range Of Children
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: May 31, 2017

The weather is getting more and more, choose to go out the street shape more and more. So what kind of a single product can be very good to help concave shape it? Needless to say must be the stars up to the streets of the New York hat La.

Today's New York hat is no longer a simple with sweater or casual clothes, a variety of clothing with a combination of New York hat endless. Shirt with baseball cap, New York Cap not only to retain the shirt of the capable, but also a little more personalized street children.

This year the most common is the top of the New York hat used to match the windbreaker, khaki windbreaker comes with temperament, with a baseball cap, New York Cap cut the weak feminine, mix and match is unique.

New York hat to match the long fur coat, both temperament and gas field. Plus a step on the pants, but also for your fashion index home full of points.

Personality dress and New York hat mashup, instantly from passers-by image, to attract the eye to stand out of it.

In addition to street shooting, New York Cap the stars are on this hat love, because it is too wild, but can play a small low-range Fan children.

Female stars in a variety of occasions, the most favored single product in addition to the package is the New York hat, their own excellence is really strict to the heart, because nice ah. Tang Yan and Yang Mi are like the New York hat + a variety of sunglasses configuration, Song Qian is the same, people feel handsome and charming; Gulina Na youth writing face, anti-wear baseball cap, New York Cap and you are not the same.

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