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Shirts Are The Darlings Of Every Occasion
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

Shirts are men and women, but also the darlings of every occasion, almost everyone has a shirt.

Shirts have six basic features:

The collar of a French shirt is more than 8 millimeters higher than the ordinary shirt, Shirt so that the shirt collar is higher than the suit collar certain height.

Second, a black groove behind the collar of the French shirt is used to insert a special metal collar to keep the collar straight.

Third, French shirts than American, British, Italian-style are fastidious, is the famous French fold sleeve. French shirt cuffs have lined thicker parts longer than ordinary shirts, Shirt the length of the part to be folded over, and then will need to merge the openings parallel close together, with a beautifully crafted cuff buckle through it fixed.

Four, the French shirt tailoring emphasizes the fitting, the back is not pleated (completely by tailoring to complete the shirt widening effect), deliberately creates the slender graceful line. It even has the waist of the Self-cultivation series and other types of body type.

Five, the front of the shirt, no front patch, buckle fundus cloth reinforcement part in the side, there will be no front patch, do not tie the time to look more concise, Shirt this kind of front is called French front.

Six, beautiful light function, so the left chest is also used without the simple design of the bag. Shirt A French shirt is an advanced shirt with a suit and a dress.

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