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The Cleaning Method Of Baseball Caps
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Sep 26, 2017

Baseball caps as a popular global baseball cap How to clean, in the world has a very deep foundation of the masses. Whether GG or MM, almost everyone has a baseball cap of their own.

How to match a baseball cap

Countless mm in front of the door will ask themselves this question: this dress to take what good. Slowly spread to Accessories: what clothes this shoe, what bag of trousers, how to clean this baseball cap? Thus, the matching revolution began. One day we bought a baseball cap and we started asking ourselves, how does the baseball cap match ... As the most easy to match the universe of a baseball cap how to clean, mom net minutes can count hundreds of kinds of ...

1. Baseball cap + white + black pleated skirt

Do you think this is the end of it, of course, more than that simple, the best to put on a pair of knee socks (black and white), the thick students are angry. Baseball Caps This dress is not too pedestrian, nor too boring. The point is the Japanese department! Let the baseball cap play its youthful breath, and knee socks to do cover, play tender and reduce age, don't say you did not learn oh.

2. Baseball cap + short coat vest + high waist shorts

This is the way the goddess of vitality wears. Short jacket vest with high waist pants, is a typical "show body" wear method, he arm thin leg pull out to slip. High-waist trousers are long legs of the artifact, with a short jacket, a second to 1.8-meter long legs. Add a simple baseball cap, Baseball Caps is beautiful and sunny beautiful girl!

3, baseball cap + trend creative + black small leather skirt

If have retro glasses and red lip effect is better. Cool baseball caps with black little leather skirts, street fashion sense. You can wear a metal necklace or an exaggerated creative ring, Baseball Caps you are the street queen. In a word, with a baseball cap do not be afraid, feel the right you follow away!

How to buy a baseball cap

Before you buy a baseball cap, you should think about your clothes in your head and see if you can match them. (If you're going to buy a baseball cap for a suit of clothes, I'll say nothing.) Baseball caps as a practical and decorative perfect combination of baseball caps how to clean, Baseball Caps should let its role play to maximize.

1, the combination of their own body selection

Petite mm in the selection of baseball caps how to clean the time to pay attention, do not pick the brim big cover the whole head, this will make you look like a gnome version of the head doll. Choose a small hat, a higher cap of the baseball cap how to clean will lengthen the body properly, so that people will look higher than the actual OH.

2, the combination of their own style selection

While encouraging all-round development, extensive dabbling, but in many cases, your style is stable. If you are small and clean, don't pick the big rivets and the cool baseball caps, Baseball Caps and the hold can't afford to waste money. If you're a sports girl, you'll need a sports baseball cap on the runway.

3, the combination of their own face selection

Square face: This kind of shape of MM in the baseball cap when you must be careful not to pick lines and shapes too sharp, because it will make your face look more square. Round face: The round face mm can choose the cap body High baseball cap How to clean, Baseball Caps a little later wear, make the whole face looks more stereoscopic.

How to clean a baseball cap

For all the shapes of baseball caps, cleaning requires careful and careful attention. Because a little careless, deformation, aliasing, fade. How to clean the baseball cap is ruined.

So about how to clean the baseball caps, we need to clear the steps:

Step one: Take a moderate amount of warm water, less than 40 degrees, how to clean the baseball cap into the waters. (The premise of cleaning is to ensure that the baseball cap how to clean the material can be cleaned by water)

Step two: Soak in the gentle laundry liquid for 20 minutes.

Step three: Use soft brush gently clean the baseball cap how to clean the dirty part, the method must be light.

Step four: Change the water, the baseball cap how to clean the foam cleaning, do not hand twist.

Step five: How to wash the baseball cap with a towel to absorb the excess moisture, Baseball Caps how to clean the baseball cap in place, to ensure that can not be contaminated and trampled.

Step six: Use a hairdryer to wash the baseball cap dry or wait for natural air drying.

Note: Natural air-dry easy to let the baseball cap how to clean and then contaminated, the recommended blow dryer dryer, into the cabinet to receive.

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