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The Collocation Method Of Hip-hop Hat
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Jun 13, 2017

In daily life, baseball caps are more common and more popular than hip-hop hats. But hats are always a variety of styles, mm should be good at choosing their own hats, take baseball caps and hip-hop hat, understand their differences to better choose Oh.

First, the shapes are different.

The brim of the baseball cap has a certain radian, the brim is wider, the longer, has the effect of sun visor, the hip-hop cap is generally flat eaves, the brim is narrower.

Second, the style is different.

The baseball cap is less, the design is very concise and neat, it is in the hearts of everyone is fixed classic, and hip-hop hat is more street wind, give people cool feeling.

Under the scorching sun may wish to wear a fashion hip-hop hat, Hiphop Caps not only sunscreen but also good-looking handsome oh, then how to match the hip-hop hat more good-looking? Together to see the beauty of the female summer fashion hip-hop hat with a picture bar.

Paired with 1, hip-hop hat with letter printing T-shirt

Black Zipper embroidery Personality Baseball Hip-hop hat, paired with a khaki-color letter printing Short sleeve T-shirt, simple and stylish collocation, very good-looking oh.

Paired with 2, letter hip-hop hat with wave dot short sleeve T-shirt

Fashion Korean letter Embroidery hip-hop baseball caps, black and white hats with the black and white of the wave point short-sleeved T-shirt, the classic black and white collocation never obsolete.

Paired with 3, stylish letter hip-hop hat with hip-hop wind loose T-shirt

Very casual street of a collocation, fashionable letter hip-hop hat collocation a hip-hop wind loose short sleeve T-shirt, very publicity personality.

With 4, camouflage female summer hip-hop hat with small vest

Very handsome camouflage girl summer hip-hop hat, blouse can be paired with a simple neck tight small vest, Hiphop Caps highlighting the sexy figure, show personal charm.

Paired with 5, simple letter hip-hop hat with sleeveless T-shirt

Simple and stylish black letter hip-hop hat, Hiphop Caps paired with an orange-colored cartoon printed sleeveless T-shirt, appears particularly youthful vitality.

The above is the female summer fashion hip-hop hat with the top picture, Hiphop Caps if you have a hip-hop hat may as well match up.

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