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The Fabric Of The Shirt Is More
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Aug 02, 2017

A shirt is a kind of dress that men and women like. The most common shirts are: cotton shirt, chemical fiber shirt, linen shirt, blended shirt, silk shirt, Betty shirt, eye-lun shirt and other fabrics, the most comfortable fabric is cotton and hemp, but particularly easy to become wrinkled.

The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of the common clothing fabric shirts:

1, cotton shirt cotton casual shirt has the advantage of easy to warm, soft and intimate, moisture, breathable and very good. Its shortcomings are easy to shrink, easy to wrinkle, Shirt the appearance is not very neat and beautiful, in wear must often ironing, and easy to change the old.

2, linen shirt linen shirt Its advantages are very high strength, moisture absorption, thermal conductivity, breathable. Its disadvantage is wearing not very comfortable, Shirt the appearance is more coarse, stiff.

3, silk shirt silk shirt strength is thin, fit, soft, smooth, breathable, colorful, rich luster, noble and elegant, wearing comfortable. Its shortcoming is to wrinkle easily, easy to absorb body, not strong enough, fade faster.

4, chemical fiber shirt fiber plaid shirt has the advantage of bright colors, soft texture, dangling, smooth and comfortable. Although it can be used to produce all kinds of clothing, Shirt but the overall grade is not high, difficult to advertise.

5. Blended shirt is a shirt that blends textile with natural fiber with chemical fiber according to a certain proportion. Its strengths are not only to absorb the advantages of cotton, hemp, silk, wool and chemical fiber, but also to avoid their respective shortcomings, but also relatively inexpensive in value, Shirt so greatly popular. It should be said that the whole cotton blouse is better, cotton-colored fabric is the best, economic and healthy. It is best not to choose a hot-free shirt, no ironing shirts are containing formaldehyde and benzene chemical treatment, Shirt should try to wear less, the real effect is still limited to low cotton shirt (70% cotton content below), pure cotton fabric after the low technology of the chemical forced ironing treatment often lost the pure cotton-specific skin feeling, Shirt there are harmful substances to the human body, and after repeated washing may lose the effect of iron-free.

Whether you are of any size, the shirt is absolutely essential, with any color of the suit, can have an overwhelming victory, but also easy to give the viewer a sense of vigor, clean, and not too bleak without light, therefore, the purchase of a number of white shirts are not guilty, especially men are particularly easy to sweat, the life of the shirt naturally accelerated, when a shirt yellow, has been impotent save not back, even if the appearance of no damage, please reluctantly, otherwise will only be trapped in their shabby, lame feet dilemma.

What details should be paid attention to when choosing a shirt

1. Simple style. The best style of the white shirt is the traditional shirt style, the standard is the length of the collar and the open angle are "gentle". Shirt If you pay attention to your own workplace image, it is best not to wear the left and right angles of the collar between 120 degrees to 180 degrees, it is said that this "French" collar is "not love Emika" the Duke of Windsor favorite. But it would completely spoil the simplicity of a shirt.

2. Select Pure white. A lot of shirts like to add a little extra on the shirt base, such as colored neckline, special color buttons and buttonholes. If you just want to highlight yourself without being taken by anything, these little designs can be exempted. You can wear gray or black if you don't want people to have the illusion of wearing a dress every day.

These two colors, all with a little mystery, with noble and introverted temperament. Shirt For the white fabric, in fact, there are many kinds. The real white should not be in favor of beige, and should not be white to see that the addition of too much fluorescent powder, should be the kind of pure and not dazzling white.

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