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There Are Many Types Of Shirts
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Jun 27, 2017

Very happy and we can introduce the knowledge of the shirt, do a fashion man, do not ignore the role of the shirt, seemingly insignificant, but in silence revealed your taste of life. If you do not know how to pick the shirt, how to match the shirt, then the following three most typical scenes of clothing guidance, maybe at a critical moment to help you!

Working days accounted for our most time, therefore, put on the proposal to a simple style and comfortable fabric as the most important, because the boss want to see you, Shirt is a refreshing and wise wise, rather than gorgeous fancy models.

Color: choose a white shirt, give the impression of doing things steady, not seeking a breakthrough, but for smooth; and blue is a quiet, stable color, a symbol of far-reaching, stable; in order to be more suitable for Asians skin color, cool, wisdom Of the dark blue will be on the choice; Secondly, gray or silver gray can reflect the neat, soft, elegant, they can produce approachable, elegant effect.

Fabric: Casual wear is mainly reflected in the choice of fabric, high-quality cotton fabric can keep you all day comfortable. Especially in the early spring season, it not only protects the sensitive skin, but also has a soft touch, absorbent breathable, no static electricity, Shirt no fluff and many other advantages.

Pattern: from the women's pencil skirt and pencil pants get inspired, pencil fringes become the focus of this year's popular. As the name suggests, than we usually see the straight stripes, pencil stripes more fine, more straight, like a pencil draw. Choose such a striped pattern, in addition to be able to modify the body, but also gives a lean, logical sense of clarity.

With: wearing a game is a game, skilled in this way people can change a variety of tricks. The same color and the relative color is complementary to the two principles. But if you do not play, do not play, we teach you a time-tested the easiest and most secure way - with a light-colored shirt with a dark suit to ensure that the tie can find the same color with the jacket, then OK The.

How to choose the shirt for their own

Men treat suits like women treat cosmetics, not just to attract, more is a kind of spiritual comfort;

Men of beauty, of course, if the big bright stand out, sexy shirt, of course, can not wrap the wild body of men.

Being in this visualized society, the first impression of others seems to always fall on the appearance. With generous dress is the basis of the success of men, Shirt this sentence is no exaggeration. With Chinese characteristics of the dress is undoubtedly a jacket, tunic and the like. But with the changes in the world, suits, shirts have become the Chinese dress is preferred.

A wide range of shirts, whether it is a formal occasion of the suit or casual wear with the clothes, everywhere can not do without the shirt. What kind of occasions to wear what kind of shirt, how to wear, give the impression is completely different. Understand the texture of the shirt, pick the law, wearing a law and tie with the law, it is the basic knowledge of modern men must know.

1, senior shirt

Occasions: important social events such as banquets, parties, celebrations and so on.

Quality: fine texture, artistic sense, black or white best.

Details of the tips: do not have to buy pure silk cotton wool, these fabrics are easily deformed, yellow, from the fold, and the price is more expensive, buy a good technology, Shirt good texture of the weaving, hemp, yarn and synthetic fabrics can be.

2, professional casual shirt

Occasion: work, daily activities.

Quality: choice of materials, selection tends to comfortable, casual wear.

Details Tip: This type of shirt to be a little formal, exquisite little, monochrome or stripes, you can match the image of solemn and clear.

3, casual home shirt

Occasion: home, walk, play.

Quality: comfortable cotton fabric, color pattern personalized.

Details tips: selection must be loose, while the good quality, because leisure is not equal to casually.

4, professional standard collar shirt

Length and open angle are trend "gentle" collar known as the standard collar. This shirt is common in business activities, the color to monochrome and white-based, is the most common, the most common style, it is not affected by age factors and suitable for any face.

5, grade color collar shirt

Plain or striped shirt, collar is white, some cuffs are made of white. Collar type for the standard collar or open angle collar, and Paisley eddy pattern very fit, Shirt not easy to wear quality, careful choice.

6, the traditional dark buckle shirt

Left and right collar on the seam with a button, tie from the mention on the collar, collar collar tightened collar collar tightly stressed, stressed the tie structure of the three-dimensional image, wearing this collar shirt must tie, usually close tight summary, Collar was only appropriateness. Collage with the black collar collar style traditional conservative, fine warm stripes or British striped fabric is the best partner of this shirt.

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