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Tips For Wearing Hip-hop Hats
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

Hip-Hop hat is a hot fashion in recent years, a little fashion pursuit of mm must not be missed oh.

How to wear a hip-hop hat

1, wear a hip-hop hat do not ignore an important principle, this is the hip-hop hat must be in harmony with the overall clothing. Therefore, try to wear a hat to stand in front of the mirror to consider whether and the clothes match.

2, wearing a hip-hop hat can not be ignored dress law. That is: Petite girl deputies brimmed side big eaves hat, but brim should not exceed shoulder width. If a woman with a small body is to wear a cap, Hiphop Caps she wears a hat with a certain angle of brim, which makes you look heavy and light.

3, wear a shoulder pad of clothing, should wear a hat with a certain angle, which will make you appear chic, elegant, distinguished. However, flat-topped eaves can also be selected.

4, a girl with a "fringe" on her forehead can wear her hat back, Hiphop Caps which is worn on the back of her head, and a Daiping without a canopy.

5, the best choice is wearing a darker hip-hop hat when wearing a printed garment. Do not wear a white cap while wearing a red or blue dress, and a blue or red hat can make you stand out.

6, it is wrong to wear the same color hip-hop hat as the whole outfit. Either the shoe is proportional to the nomination and contrasted with the hat, or shoes, bags, hats, and clothes.

7. The longer you wear a hip-hop hat, Hiphop Caps the more you should not be too lenient and bloated.

8, the value of hip-hop hats should match the value of clothing. Clothing is high-grade, Hiphop Caps hats can not be sloppy engaged. It is important to note that a hip-hop hat with the same texture will give a deep impression, and vice versa.

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