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Trade Industry Internet + Transformation Eoraptor Brand-breakout
Qingdao Pilot Apparel Co,.Ltd | Updated: Jul 30, 2016

"We are very clear transformation necessary behind the choice of brand development of foreign trade. ”

As the supply has been stable for many second-tier brand in Europe and America "hat" enterprises, limited Yiwu Asahi cool e-commerce

Companies facing "foreign trade with cold" began "Internet +" transformation of the environment, to Eoraptor (Eoraptor) successful Sally.

Eoraptor compared (Eoraptor) brands that many "hat" manufacturers did not feel July "some like it hot" passion: the General Administration of Customs released the 2016 year of China's foreign trade volume in the first half of. Data show that China's import and export trade in goods worth 11.13 trillion yuan in the first half, down 3.3% over the last year.

It can be said that in the context of the world economic situation is still complicated, global trade continues to shrink, while the domestic foreign trade enterprises facing the new normal, upgrading is imminent, hat business is no exception.

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